Lead Article - Conklin, Broad Ave/North Chapel of Conklin, Charles Colton, Pastor

Along with all our churches, Conklin Presbyterian Church and Broad Avenue – North Chapel are having to adjust our weekly ministry to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Currently we do not have the capability to livestream, so we went in another direction. I am preparing sermons as I always have, but then I record those sermons as a “fireside chat” using my laptop at home.

The sermon video file is then linked into a PowerPoint presentation containing other worship slides and audio tracks before it is recorded and exported to an mp4 file for upload to YouTube. Our members and attenders receive an email on Saturday which contains additional worship elements along with the link to the YouTube video.

The response to our first worship video has been overwhelming; there were 160 views tallied by the following Thursday. Faithful members and attenders have been encouraged to forward the worship email to friends and family members who do not attend our church. The outreach potential during this crisis has been nothing short of amazing, for which we give God thanks.

Many of our churches are doing creative things to ensure that the work carries on. Several are livestreaming services from largely empty sanctuaries. I’ve seen how churches are conducting worship services in their parking lots to which people arrive by car; they remain in their cars throughout the service. Well, we have found a way that works for us. May God bless us all :-)

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