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Thursday Thoughts

Weekly postings on Thursday containing news and updates for happenings in the Presbytery.

Youth Happenings

This page provides updates in a blog-like fashion for all events concerning Youth Organizations for the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley.

Christian Nurture

The goal of the Christian Nurture Team is to support and encourage the Christian growth of youth and young adults in this presbytery.

Ethiopian Partnership

The Ethiopian Presbyterian church was established in 1919 by missionaries from the Presbyterian Church of America. The mission started with the work of evangelism, and the operation of a school and clinic. The missionaries were forced to leave from…

Justice in Mission

In relation to the Biblical calls for God’s justice, as part of the total mission of the Church, and the serving and encouraging roles of our Presbytery, the "Justice in Mission" Ministry Team coordinates, communicates and supports concerns of local…