Commission on Ministry 


If you ever had any of these questions, you have come to the right place.  Below we have documents that will help you answer these questions.  Before you reach these documents, check out what our Committee on Ministry does for us.

Pastoral Care and Counseling

Who cares for the minister?  Who cares for the lay leader?  Who cares for the teacher?  

The Commission on Ministry (COM) is a ministry of our presbytery which serves as pastor and counselor to teaching elders, ruling elders commissioned to pastoral service, and certified Christian educators of the presbytery.


I am an elder, teaching elder, commissioned lay pastor, or certified Christian educator; how to do I bring ideas or concerns before the presbytery?

The COM facilitates the relations between the presbytery and its congregations, teaching elders, ruling elders commissioned to pastoral service, and certified Christian educators.  


Who do I turn to when there is conflict in my church or in my call?  

God forbid, but if any difficulties arrive, the COM settles difficulties on behalf of the presbytery where possible and expedient.  

Nuts and Bolts

COM is designated by Presbytery to handle many of the routine and recurring matters involving pastors and congregations, such as providing assistance to a church's PNC seeking a pastor,  approving a church's Information Form (CIF) for the pastoral search process, interviewing potential pastors for suitability for the call and for Presbytery membership, reviewing annual Terms of Call for pastors, etc. Your initial contact person for these and other areas is the COM member assigned as liaison to your church.*
*There is a current list with names and contact information posted on the Presbytery website, and updated regularly.

Forms and Policies

See the COM Manual Table of Contents for all current documents.



Comments or Questions for the COM

 If you have questions or comments for the COM, please email comcochair(at)