Assembly, Feb 20, 2021


Assembly Notice 

To the Clerks of Session, Cabinet Elders, Committee Chairs, Commissioned Lay Pastors, and Minister Members of Presbytery: 

The February 20, 2021, Assembly meeting of the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley will be conducted on-line utilizing Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID and Password will be listed on our Docket) 

Please read the documents ahead of time. Because of the online format, we are asking you to send any questions about the reports to the committee/commission chair of the report, or any corrections of the minutes to the Co-Stated Clerks, ahead of the meeting in writing. (Email is great.)  It will allow us to have time to address the question and correct any information ahead of time for the documents that will be shared on the screen.  We will greatly appreciate this!  

Registration will begin at 9:00 and we will have an Orientation to the meeting. 

Call to Order will be at 9:30

In addition to each pastor and lay pastor attending, each church is expected to send a ruling elder commissioner to presbytery assembly.  If the regular ruling elder delegate cannot attend, an alternate should go instead.

If unable to attend, please email requests for excused absence to: statedclerk(at)

Please note that our Assembly Worship service will include our annual Necrology. Clerks of Session are asked to send their Church’s list of church members who passed away since February of last year to the Stated Co-Clerks prior to the meeting. (statedclerk(at)

NOTE: All agenda items, reports and papers for this meeting are to be submitted to the Co-Clerks no later then noon of February 8, 2021.  Document numbers not linked indicate that the document has not been received by the Stated Clerk at this time

NOTE: You will need to be logged in to view Docket

Chris Burger and Rebecca Kindig, Co-Stated Clerks