Meet the Presbytery Staff & Officers

The Presbytery has only part-time staff and has moved to a virtual office.   For this reason, contact by e-mail or via a form to fill out on this website is most effective.    Our phone number is (607) 323-4477 and the main telephone forwards calls to anywhere our staff chooses to be located, and staff have voicemail mailboxes as well.   The first person listed is easiest to reach and has the most daytime hours. Our mailing address is: PO Box 87, Nineveh, NY  13813

Office Administrator - Mrs. Christine Rogalski

Email Address: pmc(at)

Phone:  (607) 323-4477

Office Hours: 9AM - 4:30PM Monday - Thursday

Christine currently serves part time for the presbytery.  She is a mother of two teenage girls and is happily married to her high school sweet heart.  Hobbies include camping, softball and spending time with her family.


co-Stated Clerks - Chris Burger and Rev. Rebecca Kindig

Email Address: statedclerk(at)

Phone:  (607) 323-4477

Bookkeeper - Paula Lambertson

Email Address:  finance(at)

Phone:  (315) 307-2024 or (607) 323-1037

Fax: (315) 307-2024 - Please call first before sending a fax.

Mailing Address:  Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley
                            c/o Synod of the Northeast
                            5811 Heritage Landing Drive, 2 Floor
                            Syracuse, New York 13057

Office Hours: 
Monday - Tuesday 9:00 – 4:00
Friday - OFF

Paula serves three Presbyteries as part-time bookkeeeper out of her office in the Syracuse area.


Treasurer - Lisa Heckman

Email Address:  treasurer(at)

Recording Clerk - Lynn Shepard

Email Address: recordingclerk(at)

Officers & Committee Chairs 

Moderator - Glenna Coutts

Email Address: moderator(at)

Vice Moderator - Kimberly Chastain

Email Address:  vicemoderator(at)

Cabinet Chair - Robert Peak

Email Address: cabinetchair(at)

Committee on Lay Preaching Chair - Barbara Renton

Email Address:  colpchair(at)

Committee on Ministry Co-Chairs - Marsha Muller & Lisa Ruth Mays

Email Address:  comcochairs(at)

Committee on Preparation Chair - Scott Kindig

Email Address:  cpmchair(at)

Healthy Congregations Facilitator Team Leader - Marilyn Myers 

Email Address:  healthycongregations(at)

Finance Chair - Dave Johnson

Email Address:  financechair(at)