Prayers for the Churches

1 Thessalonians 5:16   “Pray without ceasing”

This challenge can be difficult yet it will help change us, our church, and the world.

On this page we unite with one another by praying for the churches in our presbytery at the same time.

Prayer Calendar for 2020


5         The Staff of the Presbytery Christine Rogalski,  Administrator 
             Chris Burger and Becky Kindig, co-Stated Clerks, Lisa Heckman, Treasurer

12        Masonville Federated, John Helgeson, Pastor

19       Bainbridge 1st, Patty Wolff Temp Supply Pastor

26      Nichols 1st George Budine, Commissioned Lay Pastor


2          Hancock

9        Hobart - Karen Siekmann-Marshfield, Commissioned Lay Pastor

16       Honorably retired pastors: Earl Arnold, Doug Beattie, Leonard Bjorkman, Sharon Dittman, Barry Downing, Linda Hendrian,  Janet Adair Hansen, Marie King, Arthur Kopp, John Mahler, Jim Martin, Dean Miller, Maxine  Pardee, Allen Presby, Barbara Renton, Elwin Sire, David Robinson, Alfred Sunderwirth, Ronald Thomas, Spencer VanGulick, Delbert Wemple, Carol Wilson

 23       Clergy in specialized ministry or service beyond the jurisdiction of the church: 
             Roger DeNoyelles, Peter Kwon, Taryn Mattice, Michael Spezio


1          Worcester 1st Lynn Sheppard, Stated Supply Pastor

8         Ministers at Large: Cheryl Ann Elfond, Lisa Heckman, Bob Heinle, Barbara Schwartz

15        Windsor - Barbara Renton, Stated Supply

22        Cortland Christ Community - Rachel Ditch, Pastor

29        Afton 


5        Conklin, Broad Ave/North Chapel of Conklin, Charles Colton, Pastor

12         Unadilla, Paul Hamilton, Stated Supply

19        Cincinnatus United George Carruth, Commissioned Lay Pastor

26        Davenport Charlotte Valley


3          Binghamton Ross Memorial

10       Delhi United Ministry

17       Endwell Northminster, Rachel Helgeson, Pastor

24        Oneonta 1st United Cynthia Walton-Leavitt, Pastor

31        General Assembly Commissioners 


7          Endicott Union Pat Raube, Pastor

14        Andes, Marena Vittorio Schindler, Pastor

21       Laurens, JoAnn Amyar, Commissioned Lay Pastor

28       Gilbertsville 1st Mark Piedmonte, Pastor 


5          Margaretville/ New Kingston

12      Owego 1st Union , Bruce Gillette Pastor

19        Christian Nurture Team

26       Walton United, Parrish Bridges Interim Pastor


2          Central Delaware Trinity Covenant, Connie Stone, Pastor
            DeLancey United 
            West Delhi United 

9         Smithville Flats 1st

16       Lordville

23       Delhi 1st Lisa Ruth Mays,  Pastor

30       Stamford


6       Theological Seminaries

13      East Guilford United Patty Wolff, Pastor

20       Otego Doug Horne, Temporary Supply

27       Oneonta 1st Mark Montfort, Pastor


4        Binghamton United Kimberly Chastain, Pastor

11        Nineveh, Adam Demetros, Temp Supply Pastor

18       Deposit 1st Marsha Muller, Commissioned Lay Pastor 

25       Dryden 1st, Dale Francis Interim Pastor


1          Johnson City 1st Robert Peak, Pastor 
            Binghamton John Hus

8          Cortland United David Johnson, Pastor

15        Bovina Center United Garrett Vittorio Schindler, Pastor

22        Cabin Hill Deb Fleming, Commissioned Lay Pastor     

29        Marathon Doug Hatch, Pastor


6        Binghamton Immanuel

13        Ethiopian Partnership Group

20        The Mission of the Synod of the Northeast

27       PSV Cabinet