Per Capita & Mission 

The PSV Budget for 2021, was adopted November 19, 2020 shows:

The Per Capita Apportionment for 2021 is $40.58 per active member.  This amount is based on:

      General Assembly                                 $8.98 

      Synod of the Northeast                          $4.10 

      Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley          $27.50 

                              TOTAL                          $40.58

======================== compared to last year:

General Assembly                          $   8.95 

Synod of the Northeast                  $   4.10 

Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley  $ 27.50 

                    TOTAL                      $ 40.55


Per capita is a fundamental way in which all of the nearly 10,000 congregations and mid councils of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) connect, participate and share in the work of the wider church. Per capita is the primary source of funding for the Office of the General Assembly, the administrative work of the Synod of the Northeast, and the administrative work of the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley.  It is how Presbyterians mutually and equitably share the costs of coming together to discern the Spirit’s leading for the future.

 ü  It is how Presbyterians are trained to become better ruling elders, teaching elders and deacons, and ministers.

ü  It is how Presbyterians are helped to discern God’s call in their lives.

ü  It is how Presbyterians participate in the life of the wider church by serving on committees and commissions, regardless of distance or financial resources.

ü  It is how Presbyterians participate in the life of the Church universal as we commit ourselves to work and live in fellowship with “all persons in every nation”.`

All Presbyterians are called to take part in the ecclesiastical and administrative work shared by the whole church though per capita giving. The annual rate is a per-member apportionment that is assessed biennially by the General Assembly, annually by the Synod of the Northeast and annually by the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley. All congregations — large and small — are encouraged to participate, either through an annual budget item or through a special direct appeal to their congregations.

The General Assembly and Synod per capita apportionment is accessed to the presbytery. We are obligated to pay the apportionment even when congregations do not participate. In other words, when a congregation does not pay its per capita, the presbytery budget has to make up the difference.

The presbytery per capita apportionment funds most of the Per Capita Budget, which covers salaries & benefits, the administrative work of the Cabinet/committees/teams, office expenses, insurance, and the like.

 In order to keep the presbytery per capita within reason, the presbytery budget supplements per capita expenses by the use of the Reserve Fund.  This year the proposed budget will utilize $8,540 in reserve funds. If we did not use reserve funds in this way, we would have to increase the presbytery per capita by an additional $2.61.

 As a way of putting our per capita in perspective, here is a list of the total per capita in 2019 for neighboring presbyteries (Susquehanna Valley is $39.05 in 2019): Cayuga-Syracuse - $38.50; Geneva - $50.00; Hudson River - $38.80; Northern New York - $25.00; Southern New England - $50.00.

 Thank you all who participate in the per capita apportionment!